Aloe-Vera Stretch Mark Oil


One of the most told lies about stretch mark is that stretch marks do not fade away. Our super effective stretch mark oil works effectively.  This Aloe vera Stretch Mark Oil fades any kind of stretch mark on any part of your body. It also helps in magical healing of  severe scars, marks and burns  gotten from laser removal of stretch marks.

This oil fades off stretch mark drastically leaving your skin clear, smooth, well toned and soft. visible result within 12-14 days

Note: Using the Aloe vera stretch mark oil alone is just for minimal stretchmarks, it is advisable to use with the carrot oil and if it is severe you use the full kit.


  • It reduces the appearance and eventually fade the stretch mark
  • Effective in tightening loose skin due to the over- stretched lines caused by stretch marks
  • super effective for all types of stretch marks (post pregnancy, during pregnancy, stretch marks caused by weight gain and also the use of harsh chemical  creams 
  • Restoration of skin elasticity and collagen
  • No more lazy and thin skin
  • Safe for all skin type  and for nursing and pregnant mothers


Apply a little amount of the stretch mar oil on the affected area twice daily. It is advisable to add the carrot glow oil for faster result


Aloe vera, and  herbal extract infused in oils