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  • The fuller and bigger butt you desire. The queen package gives it to you...
    This includes three  numbers of the booty cream.  This is  continuous use of the cream for how much booty you desire.

    Note: It is advisable to purchase at least 2 bottles at once so there is no gap in usage You may require more or not, it depends on your body and how much fuller you desire your butt to be.

    H $ B booty beauty cream is naturally sourced and freshly hand-made with African finest plants, herbs, oils, seeds and roots which makes many African women bootylicious. It improves the butt/hips in a natural form without side effect much to the delight of the women in need of a curvy look. The results are;
    • Fuller butt
    • Firmer butt
    • Rounder butt
    • Perkier butt

    The H & B African booty cream is one of the most powerful booty creams in the market. It enlarges the size and firmness of your buttocks without gaining weight on other areas of your body,as it targets the development of the muscles and tissues of the buttocks. The cells that grow are permanent.The cream is very effective and 100% natural without any chemical, preservatives or artificial additives.
    You would see  visible result within 3- 4 weeks .It is advised you purchase at least 2 bottles as some people see visible result when using the 2nd bottle because individual bodies vary.

    This cream is made with all-natural African plants, roots, oils, seeds and herbs which complement each other in boosting up and inducing fat cell creation in your gluteus. When the cream is massaged and absorbed into the skin, there is localized fat storage in the desired area. It also helps to gradually fade out stretch marks on the buttocks.

    Ingredient: Fish oil, Maca, Aguaje extract, Voluplus, Honey, Shea Butter, Pueraria Mirifica, African roots,seeds and herbs.

    Apply a little amount in your palm and rub on your buttocks, massage in a circular motion until absorbed into the skin. Use twice daily.



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